Friday, May 20, 2011

Potty Training...

Yeah, it stinks. The first two days were great, but that was it. Bug will be three in two months, and he is completely capable of using a toilet. Two kids in diapers is killing my budget, and he can't start swim lessons until we get this under control. I refuse to be one of those parents who "waits until their child is ready". He is ready. He can control it and hold and let it go at will. My house has turned into a war zone. Not just the combative two year old, but the mounds of laundry waiting to get folded, the tables and counters begging for a wipedown, the floors are starting to get to the point you could almost write in the dust (it has been really windy here), none of the beds are made, and I have been out of milk for three days. Yesterday, I almost wanted to go back to work and not have to deal with this, but I know it isn't forever. I'm just tired of the kicking, screaming, scratching and biting every time I try to put him on the toilet. He was such a good baby, and he has become a very challenging toddler. When he does pee in the toilet, it is only a little bit, and he holds the rest until he is back in his underwear. I'm moving our battlefeild into the master bath/laundry room so I can at least fold laundry while dealing with this, and have a chair in there so I can feed Buddy Blue. We'll see how today goes. The turning point has to come soon.

Speaking of Buddy Blue, he is ready for solids. He has been eating 4-6 oz every two to three hours, and he never spits up. Maybe after the boys are down for the night, I will make a solo trip to Wally World and get the milk I have been out of for days, some pull ups for naps and night time, baby oatmeal so I can give the girls a little bit of a break, and double stuff oreo's for me, because I need a pick me up. (Really doesn't help the whole diet thing, but of late I am just too frazzled to want to think about it.)

Hubby wants to see the new Pirates movie, but I don't really know any of the youth in our ward, and because we are struggling to house break the oldest child, I don't want to drop him off anywhere. So that probably isn't going to happen. I'm now going to go rest. And change the diaper of everything he has been holding all day after.

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