Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I ate today...

Breakfast: one bowl of Honey Bunches of Vanilla with milk. Not too bad.

Lunch: one salisbury steak lean cuisine meal with juice glass of diet coke. Again, doing pretty good. Made bread to take to a friend, really proud of myself for getting it right.

Snack: two double cheese burgers and a large diet coke for mickey d's. Oops. I was rewarding myself.

Second Snack: end slice of fresh bread with real butter melted on top and drizzled in organic raw honey. Bliss, pure bliss.

Aw crap, I'm seeing the trend here. And I wonder why I'm fat?!?! Well not really, but I don't want to be. My sister is getting married Memorial day weekend, and I don't want to be the Fatty Patty in the pictures. So new resolution. I am going to keep track of what I eat every day so that I am accountable. And I'm going to try and exercise once a day. And weigh in every morning. But not right now. I've eaten too much today.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm sad, and ok and ready to try again.

I will never again take for granted those two little pink lines. It is heart breaking when they aren't there anymore. I haven't really been able to say much about if for the last two weeks. And I don't really want to say much more on the subject. Other than, as awful as it sounds, there was a reason I didn't really feel connected to this pregnancy. It has helped me move on. Something was wrong on the genetic level that woudl have made life an impossibility. But we will have another baby. Just not right now.