Friday, May 27, 2011

Potty Training Part II and Tornados

So far so good. No accidents this week. Bug doesn't like having to go, but he will pee with out a problem. The other, not so much. He spends about half an hour every other day on the toilet to let it out. Accompanied with a TON of crying and hollering and saying no. So, I have pretty much just started leaving him on the toilet and ignoring him for a while so he can take care of business. Then comes all the clapping and singing "Yeah! Good job!" I'm going to keep him in pullups at night until he is able to take care of the pooping without all the drama.

I have changed my mind about seeing a tornado. Tuesday night scared the bananna's out of me. Hubby was gone and the sirens started going off in the distance. The power had been flicking in and out and the wind was crazy. But inbetween the power blips, I was watching DWTS and the news for updates. Buddy Blue was sleeping and Bug was playing with playdough. (Yeah, he at one point packed his ear with the stuff. Nasal aspirator was required to get it all out. Fun, fun.) Hubby came home and told me the sign at the neighborhood Wal-Mart had been completely blown off. A "Code Black" was called out and all of the employees and cops that were in the store took off running. Store closed, just like that.

So we are sitting in the den listening to the news and it starts to hail. Now I am from Idaho, and I have lived through some pretty severe weather, but I have never seen hail like this. It was litterally the size of golf balls. About five minutes after the hail started, tornado sirens start going off and they are CLOSE!!! HOLY CRAP!!! GET THE CATS IN THEIR CRATES!!! START RIPPING EVERYTHING OUT OF THE HALL CLOSET TO MAKE ROOM FOR US! THROWING WATER AND BLANKETS AND DIAPERS AND NON PERISHABLE FOOD THAT I CAN FIND SUPER FAST IN THERE. Grab the cell phone, start yelling for Bug to come and stand in the closet while I am freaking out trying to grab anything to help us survive if our house gets wiped out and we are stuck. In hind sight, I can see why hubby found it somewhat entertaining. It took quite a while for my heart rate to slow down. The number one thing on my to do list now, it 72 hour kits for all of us.

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  1. Okay, this scared the beejeezus out of me. I am so unprepared for life in general.