Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's like the house threw up on itself

Seriously, it is. I don't think there is a single room that isn't a disaster zone. Except for the front bathroom and Buddy Blue's room. We've been putting together our 72 hour kits and rotating the food storage to get it organized. Why is it any time you try to organize, you have to make a bigger mess first? And because we have been working on that all week, everything else is falling behind. Laundry is everywhere I look. Ok, well maybe not the everywhere, but all over the bedrooms, hallway and master bath/laundry room. And just when I think its under control, Buddy Blue throws up all over and Bug can't decide what to wear. I need a maid.

There, now don't you feel better about yourself? On the plus side, I did make my bed this morning.

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