Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been one heck of a year.

And it really has. For the most part, Texas isn't too bad. But I did come to an important decision. If I ever have a baby due between May 17 and November 8, I might get arrested. Not even kidding. I HATE being hot, and if anyone rubs my belly in public, I would probaly hit them. Right now I am 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and completely miserable. It is freaking hot and the only time of day it might be nice (morning) is ruined by the stinkin dang humidity. When I was pregnant with Bug, I didn't swell at all until after he was born. (Result of he retarded spinal from the idiotic C-section. The hospital in Armpit, ID is the worst!) Now, every evening at 4:30, I kick off my regular shoes, stay in my office till 5 (so I don't get in trouble for not wearing OSHA approved shoes) and wear my flip flops. And they even are tight sometimes. I quit wearing my wedding ring, because my hands are way too swollen to even get it past the second knuckle. But on the plus side, I am loosing weight. (Don't talk to me about gaining weight durring pregnancy. When you start out at 200 pounds loose 16 and still have to wear maternity clothes in your first trimester, you can talk to me. Besides, you don't live in humid hell.) As long as the baby is growing appropriatly, everything is fine. My midwife told me she wouldn't be supprized if I did loose some weight. She is very strict about my diet and making sure I get lots of quality nutrients and water, and exercise regularly. Hopefully I will get my home birth, because I am really looking forward to that. I guess there is something to be said of living in a big city, there are a lot more options for alternative medical care, if that is what you want. That, and the shopping is SOO much better. (Hello, Craigslist anyone? It doesn't even compare to Armpit.) Ha, I am ending on a positive note. I'm so proud of me.

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