Saturday, May 2, 2009


One of our cats is a major shedder. If you even look at him, its like setting off clouds of fur into the air. And if you touch him, its like you put your hand covered in honey into a bucket of feathers. Very, very gross. The vacumming to try and keep up with it all is insane and I was ready to turn him into an outdoor cat as all other avenues to keep the hair under control had failed. But, hubby was doing some research online to control the mess and stumbled across the Furminator. We bought one on Amazon and it finally arrived Monday. Since then we have "Furminated" the Grouch 3x and it is amazing!!! There is a noticable difference in the amount of shedding. You could stuff a small pillow with all the down we have lossened and removed from that feline. If you are having issues with animal shedding, try out the Furminator. It's awesome. Look it up on YouTube if you don't believe me.

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