Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One day....

One day I will have a clean house. There will be no baskets of unfolded laundry looming ominously at the foot of the bed. There will be no constant drip, dribble, drip, drip from the bathroom sink creating my own personal bacteria garden. I will have living flowers in a box at my kitchen window with no need for cayenne pepper on the dirt. There will be no scars on the cheap flooring from the portable dishwasher, as the flooring will not be cheap vinyl and the dishwasher will be a permanent fixture. I won't have to worry about saw dust falling into the tuperware and silverware from the drawers above. Humidity and mold will not be constant concerns and battles in every room in the house as there will DECENT ventillation through out the house.

Of course all of these things are going to have to wait till all schooling is done for E and I get to stay at home with our lil' Mr. Bug. My time won't be spent stressing out over making sure I'm out of work in time to do the pick up from daycare before the late charges start to rack up. I won't look around me and survey our teeny tiny living space and feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that seems to accumulate. Yet every time I try to de-clutter, I find that we do in fact need and use all of those things. Like shoes, and socks and blankets and a dishwasher and dishes and a crappy kitchen table and a leaky fridge and sippy cups and toilet paper and towels and shampoo and razors and so on. I can't wait for Mr. Bug to have his own bedroom with a door. Then we won't be quaranteened to our bed room from 9:30 at night till the next day begins.

Wall sharing, another thing I will NOT miss at all. Currently our bedroom wall is against our neighbors bathroom. Normally, you wouldn't think this is a very big deal. But what causes a middle aged man who lives with his two cats, to moan and groan and finally shout at 6:12 every morning in the shower? And what kind of home repairs to you have to do at 5 o'clock on CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! The kind that requires all kinds of pounding and banging and crashing and cursing? Couldn't that wait till a more decent hour, like 8 when everyone else is surrounded by the sounds of wrapping paper shredding, kids squealing with excitement, carols in the background and the noises from the new toys. I definately think so.

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